Power Inverter

COUGAR ELECTRONICS has a brand new line of standard inverters ready and easy to integrate in most power applications. We are also able to design and manufacture any type of custom inverters from 1kW to a few MW !

Custom inverter

COUGAR ELECTRONICS is able to provide any type of inverter following your requirements :

  • 1 phase inverter
  • 3 phases inverter
  • Multilevels inverter

Our expertise that goes fro the semi-conductor to the driver board allow us to drive up to 4 IGBTs in parallel in order to achieve high current applications.

Thanks to our dedicated cooling solutions, our solutions are generally more compact and lightweight than our competitors. Submit us your constraints and your challenging projects, we will be happy to work with you !

Standard inverter – EASY line

Main caracteristics :

  • Irms (At Rt=40°C / PWM=3kHz / 600Vdc / 400Vac): 310 to 765Amps
  • Vce: 1200V
  • Vdc: 600 to 700V
  • Vdc-peak: 770V
  • Vac (network voltage): 460 to 480V
  • Tj (continuous operation): 125decC

Advantages :

  • EASY integration in an 1000mm enclosure for the biggest
  • The EASY design can be integrated in any directions
  • Standard Mechanical shape and interface for the different power rating
  • EASY maintenance
  • Dirty environment work without risk for the heat sinks
  • Fiber Optical Interface in option
  • Rectifier Bridge adapted to the DC Bus Bar in option

Easy inverter line is available in two versions following power rating:

  • EASY regular (2 Econodual in parallel): 570A, 685A, 765A
  • EASY small (1 Econodual): 310A, 370A, 420A

A compact option is available for constrained room designs.

Easy inverter line is compatible with our standard range of rectifier , for a perfect integration in most of the standard cabinets of the market.