Power Supplies DC Rectifier

We refurbish, repair and design power supplies rectifier for plating and DC applications.

Cougar Electronics is a manufacturer of Rectifier Power Supplies
• Controlled by SCR, Tapswitch, Variac, and Motorized Variac for the Plating Industry.
• We also specialize in refurbishing previous used Rectifiers to bring them back to efficient operating condition.
• We can also supply you with the parts to rebuild your own
• In the elevator industry Cougar can supply solidstate exciter replacements which eliminates the need for moving parts and is an extremely efficient power source. We also supply DC power supplies with power regeneration load control to convert AC to DC. These supplies can range from 3 KW to 150 KW. These supplies can have options such as anti single phasing, trigger fuse indication, NEMA enclosures, DC output meter, and other special options.
• We offer quick turn around and very competitive pricing
• Our engineering staff will be glad to discuss your application.