High Power Semiconductors IGBT

Cougar Electronics is your partner for any type of project including IGBT. We are an official distributor on Infineon and Powersem, and provide most of the classic brand for power semiconductors.
Our R&D has more than 20 years of experience in IGBT technology. We will be happy to assist you in the design of your power assembly.

IGBTs…Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor


  • Voltages:600 volts to 6500 volts
  • Currents: Up to 600 amps
  • Circuits: Single switch, Half Bridge, Full Bridge Single Phase 4-Pack, 3 Phase Full Bridge 6-Pack
  • Standard and Fast Switching

Trench Gate IGBTs

  • Voltages: 600 volts to 1200 volts
  • Currents: Up to 75 amps
  • Circuits: Single switch, Half Bridge, Triple switch
  • Terminations: PCB mounting or screw terminals with ECO-BOARD Adapter
  • Isolation: Over 3000 volts

Silicon Semiconductors
Cougar is a stocking distributor of Infineon High Power Semiconductors for Industrial Applications and can supply the following types.

• Discrete IGBTs
• IGBT Low Power
• IGBT Medium Power
• IGBT High Power
• Systems & Drivers
• SCR Diode Modules
• Press Packs
Please contact us for any of your application. Data sheets are available at the following:

For the specific fundamentals of IGBT in conjunction with their application refer to the following website