Air Cooled Heat Sink

COUGAR ELECTRONICS can design and produce high performance air cooled heat sinks for advanced applications.

General principle

Air cooled heat sinks allows an exchange between a surface, heated by an electronic component, and the air.

There are two kind of heat sinks :

Several manufacturing technologies exist :

  • Extrusion
  • Bounded fins
  • Brazed fins
  • Machining into raw material

Following the thermal parameters of the application, COUGAR ELECTRONICS will help you to find the optimal cost / efficiency solution.


Technical datas

  • Material: Aluminum 6060/6061/6082
  • Thermal resistance: 15 to 35°C/kW
  • Surface treatment: anodizing / suretec / nickel plating…


  • Simplicity
  • Cost


  • Natural convection heat sink
  • Brazed radiator
  • HSHP radiator

Insulated Heat Sink

COUGAR ELECTRONICS is distributing on US market CECLA METAL PROCESS’ unique know-how in the manufacturing of high tension electrical insulated cooling solution.


In some high tension configurations of multi-scale power converters, it’s necessary to use oversized electronic semiconductors in order to respect dielectric norms of the application, particularly in railway application.

Electrical insulated cooler allow to avoid the oversizing of the components in multi-scales’ topologies by adding insulation between the component its cooling system.


  • Economic on high tension multi-scale converters
  • Appropriate shape and dimensions for your component topology
  • Appropriate for on-board using, especially in the railway industry

Technical caracteristics

  • Insulation : up to20kV
  • Thermal resistance : 15 to 55°C/kW
  • Fire-Smoke qualification : ULV0

Heat Sink with embedded Heat Pipes

COUGAR ELECTRONICS is distributing on US market CECLA METAL PROCESS’ range of HSHP heat sink. This performing solution allow to reduce weight and improve compactness by spreading the heat with heat pipe in the base plate of the heat sink.


The typical application of heat sink with embedded heat pipes is high density power semiconductors. Those heat sinks, can also be used to increase the maximum power of a heat sink, without changing the size. The heat pipe by their high thermal conductivity will act as heat spreader and allow all heat sink working better,


  • Light and compactness
  • Performing solution, without change of size
  • Able do dissipate high density thermal flux semidonductors