Spare parts & Upgrades for DC plating rectifier

As manufacturer of DC rectifiers and repair shop for plating equipments, COUGAR ELECTRONICS provides the best spare parts you need to maintain your equipment in good working conditions.

Our experimented technical staff will answer and support you for any technical issue.

Silicon Diode

We stock all popular silicon diodes for DC plating rectifiers.

  • 300U120A – Diode Forward DO9 300A/1200V
  • 300UR120A – Diode Reverse DO9 300A/1200V

Call us for any help on identification or installation of the product.

SCR & Thyristors (stud /puck type)

We stock all popular SCR & Thyristors for DC plating rectifiers.

  • 39.007-120 – Thyristor 3/4-16 stud 80A/1200V
  • 39.003-120 – Thyristor 3/4-16 stud 200A/1200V
  • 39.055-120-1 – Thyristor 3/4-16 stud 330A/1200V
  • 39.016-120 – Thyristor puk 1200A/1200V

Call us for any help on identification or installation of the product.

Diode & SCR/Thyristor (module type)

Diode/thyristors module types are permanently available on stock.

  • PSKT95/12io1 – Dual SCR module 116A/1200V
  • PSKT95/16io1 – Dual SCR module 116A/1600V
  • PSKT162/12io1 – Dual SCR module 181A/1200V
  • PSKT162/12io1 – Dual SCR module 181A/1600V
  • PSKT250/12io1 – Dual SCR module 250A/1200V
  • PSKT250/16io1 – Dual SCR module 250A/1600V
Circuit Board

We repair and sell circuit boards for major DC rectifiers brands (DARRAH, RAPIDE, DYNAPOWER, ALDONEX, NOVAK, UDYLITE…)

Control regulator board
28.058 – Voltage / Current regulator board

SCR firing board
28.057-D-3-E19005D – 1 phase, Primary SCR firing board
28.057-D-3-E19005A – 3 phases, Primary SCR firing board
28.057-D-3-E19005D – 3 phases, Secondary SCR firing board

DC overload
32.024-E20100 – DC overload board

Fuse & Breaker

All major fuses and breaker are available on stock.

  • ANL 300A
  • ANL 325A
  • ANL 400A
  • ANL 500A

Breaker are available from 5 to 500Amps.

Ammeter & Voltmeter

Analog or digital DC ampmeters & voltmeters for all power supplies.

  • 32.010-3.5-DC-AMPS 3,5″ 10 amps to 10,000amps
  • 32.010-3.5-DC-VOLT 3,5″ 15V or more
  • 32.010-4.5-DC-AMPS 4,5″ 10 amps to 10,000amps
  • 32.010-4.5-DC-VOLT 4,5″ 15V or more
Variable transformer / Variac

Vaiable transformer / Variac available with manual and motor control configuration.

  • Voltage available: 120/240/480V
  • Single phase variac: 1 to 28Amps
  • Three variac: 1 to 28Amps
  • Control: Manual or Motorized
Power transformer

New transformer and winding repair service.

  • Power capability: 300 to 100kVA
  • Single phase / three phase
  • Brand new transformer
  • Repair service: rewinding workshop