Kraft Powercon DC Power Supplies

We are pleased to announce that Cougar Electronics has partnered with Kraft Powercon to sell Modular Switch Mode DC Power Supplies. This will allow customers who wish to upgrade or set up a new process line to take advantage of the latest technology from a company that has been around for 80 years.

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FlexKraft Water-Cooled DC Power Supplies                       FlexKraft Air-Cooled DC Power Supplies 

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The FlexKraft Modular power supplies are available up to 60V or 24000A and can also be supplied as individually controlled dual outputs up to 15 VDC 2 x 3000A. The two outputs are controlled 0-100% completely individually and independently. The Kraft Powercon Modular power supplies are available as air cooled and water cooled.

The application of these power supplies are numerous and have been used for plating of gold, nickel, zinc, chrome and plastic surfaces; anodization, pickling and much more.

Products that can be supplied by Kraft Powercon besides the FlexKraft power supplies described in the following brochures include the following.

Thyristor Rectifiers
For larger installations, e.g. hard anodizing of larger areas and production of hydrogen or chlorine, we have a wide range of efficient and reliable Thyristor rectifiers. They are obvious choices when high power is required and available as all-in-one solutions or with separate transformers that are fed through high voltage power lines. Thyristor rectifiers are standard products but can be combined with Kraft Powercon to suit your needs perfectly.

Multi Pulse Plater
For special applications, such as copper plating of complex PCBs, the use of pulsed ( and sometimes reverse ) current has become increasingly common. The method leads to major cost savings, improves distribution quality and increases output. The products have a very long life cycle, due to a high degree of protection against external conditions.