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The technology Selenium rectifiers and suppressors are still used in the industry for their strong reliablity. This technology has been mainly replaced by silicon diodes, providing a better efficiency and lower voltage drop. Selenium components are very interesting for their reliability. Those components have the ability to recover after surge failure, which make ... Read More
February 18, 2018Ghislain Roger GINOT


Heat pipes coolers are like the Loch Ness monster... lot's of people are speaking about, but few people have really tested them! This technology sounds a little bit mysterious for people coming from a pure electronics background ! How can such a thing (looking like a basic copper tube), would ... Read More
August 19, 2017Ghislain Roger GINOT


There has been a notable increase in the developpment of Silicon Carbide semiconductor materials (SiC) in the past few years. It seems we are now close to a massive use of those new solutions, made possible by the considerable number of peoples working on the subject and price drop down. The ... Read More


COUGAR ELECTRONICS has just updated its web site with a brand new area dedicated to pre-owned DC power supply ! Application Plating Metal finishing Surface finishing Plating tank Power Supply Rectifier for Plating / caracteristics Current : from 15 Amps to 5000 Amps Brands : Rapid / Dynapower / Dynatronics / Darrah / ... Read More


COUGAR ELECTRONICS is happy to announce the signature of a distribution agreement with KENDEIL capacitors. We are know able to support your projects in power electronics with the following range of products : KENDEIL is a world leader in power electronics capacitors. With nore than 30 years of experience in the ... Read More


Cougar is proud to announce a partnership with Kraft Powercon ! We are now able to supply swith mode power supply for plating industry. Modular units to achieve requested voltage or current Compact Smart control and fully configurable High communication abilities Contact us for any information and inquiry !
March 4, 2017dev