Special Assemblies

Cougar makes a complete lie of High Voltages X- Ray Board and Special Control boards for custom applications.

X- Ray Boards up to 150 KV 220 ma in 55 deg C. oil
High Voltage Board 25 KV up to 3 amps
High Voltage and Control Boards built to Customer specification.


  • Voltages: Typically 1KV to 50,000 KV
  • Currents: Typically 1 ma to 5 amps
  • Standard and Fast Recovery

Higher Voltages and Currents available with special design

  • Packages from miniature diodes to Power blocks
  • Terminations: Axial Lead, Screws, Terminals, Fuse caps and Inserts
  • Circuits: Halfwave, Doublers, Center Taps, Single Phase Full Wave Bridges, Three Phase Full Wave Bridges.

Special Assemblies: Give us your requirements and we will help you find the most economical solution to your problem.


  • Voltages up to 50 KV
  • Plug in Replacements for vacuum tube and gas tube rectifiers.
  • Compact rugged design for severe industrial and military applications.
  • No Filament therefor instant operation and no bulky filament transformer.
  • Reduced power dissipation.
  • Higher operating efficiency and cooler operation.

Assemblies can be made from standard products that are stock items. By adding a heat sing to a diode or power module, units can be rated at much higher currents. Fans can also be added to dissipate the heat absorbed by the heat sink which can farther increase the current rating of a device.

  • Special assemblies can be provided which include the rectifiers, heat sink, fan, and circuit protection devices.
  • Give us your requirements and let us help you find the right Assembly.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us:

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Special Assemblies

Cougar is proud to announce a partnership with Kraft Powercon ! We are now able to supply swith mode power supply for plating industry.
  • Modular units to achieve requested voltage or current
  • Compact
  • Smart control and fully configurable
  • High communication abilities
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