High Voltage Power Assemblies


  • Voltages: Up to 80 KV and higher with units in series
  • Currents: 2 amps to 50 amps with convection cooling, up to 100 amps with forced air colling
  • Circuits: Standard single packages designs are Half Wave and Doublers. For higher current units, full Wave single phase and three phase bridge assemblies and available.

Circuit Protection: All units are made with Controlled Avalanche diodes that are matched and can be Resistive / Capacitive or MOV compensated for additional protection.

Special high voltage assemblies can be built to customer specifications.

For technical informations on High Voltage Rectifiers click here

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High Voltage Power Assemblies

Cougar is proud to announce a partnership with Kraft Powercon ! We are now able to supply swith mode power supply for plating industry.
  • Modular units to achieve requested voltage or current
  • Compact
  • Smart control and fully configurable
  • High communication abilities
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